It’s all about the attitude

When things aren’t going your way think of your attitude before you react.  Our attitude, positive or negative, determines how the situation plays out.  Oftentimes we act on impulse and afterwards we wonder why or how things got worse.  It’s all about the attitude.

When things are getting heated they seem to get even hotter when tempers flare and sometimes violence ensues.  Imagine that person who has road rage.  They drive even faster; swerving around other cars, cursing and snarling at the wheel because someone else cut them off on the highway.  What they don’t realize is they are putting themselves and everyone else at risk because of their attitude.  Sure it wasn’t right that someone cut them off but driving angrily about it doesn’t make the situation better.

A negative attitude is contagious like gasoline.  One little drop can start a fire if it’s not contained properly.  Ever hear the phrase, “It takes one to know one”?  Negative attracts negative and likewise positive diffuses the negative and if continued enough will eventually attract the positive.

Of course, you are allowed to be angry, upset, and hurt but reacting to these feelings in a more positive approach will make the situation less abrasive.  When life appears beyond your control don’t give up hope or give in easily.  Instead, take up a positive attitude and take in a better perspective which will lead you to a better way of reacting to the situation at hand.

Attitude plays a role in your overall health too.  Some studies, like University of Utah’s Dr. Lisa G. Aspinwall’s 2005 research, Taking positive changes seriously suggest that terminally ill patients who suffer from cancer, AIDS, and other life threatening ailments manage their health problems better and have a higher sense of resilience when they approach it with a positive attitude.  Look at the health stricken celebrities if you don’t believe this.  Famous people like Michael J. Fox, Montel Williams, and Lance Armstrong are shining examples of taking something negative and turning it into a positive.  Following their lead on coping with the negative should help you understand the impact attitude has on your life.  Remember, it’s all about the attitude.

Resource: Aspinwall, L. G. and MacNamara, A. (2005), Taking positive changes seriously. Cancer, 104: 2549–2556. doi: 10.1002/cncr.21244 found at

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Mahatma Ghandi once said, “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do.” This statement spurred the popular saying, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” was created to help instill that change within you. Stop by for a visit to Be a part of the Change.

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