Know your Safety Net

Know your Safety Net

When things get tough and all the cards are stacked against you it’s important for you to know who is part of your safety net.  You need people to lean on and have them listen to you from time to time, especially when you feel like you’re up against a corner with the lights out and there’s nowhere to go.  When you know who is in your corner rooting for you a sense of hope and encouragement is given.  When you gain hope and encouragement during your darkest hour it could be the one thing that saves you.

Think about who is part of your safety net.  Who can you count on the most?  It could be a longtime friend, a close relative, even a family pet.  Your safety net could include those who can comfort you and give you that little break of peace you are needing.  When we keep a mental list of who could be our ‘go to’ person we are preparing ourselves for safety in times of danger.

Sometimes life gets hard.  Extremely hard.  We may find ourselves on the bottom of the darkest, hopeless point in our lives with no sense of hope or relief anytime soon.  It’s important to plan ahead for these times and create our safety net.  If you don’t do this you may be setting yourself up for even a harder, darker sense of reality.  In the end, getting out of that dark corner may never happen.

Your safety net should include those who make you laugh, those who put things in perspective for you in a positive way, and those who support and inspire you.  It should be someone you trust wholeheartedly and you know they will never judge you or ever push you away when you need them most.  It should also be someone you could trust and depend on.  Who comes to mind?

One thing to keep in mind is that you do have someone you could count on.  You do.  You are never really alone, no matter how much you believe this despairing idea.  You always have at least one person who is willing to help you no matter what.  Dig deep and think hard.  It may be that long-lost friend or relative you haven’t spoken to in years.  There’s always someone who can help you.

Know your safety net.  When you prepare your safety net ahead of time you are preparing yourself to be helped in the future, especially when you need the help the most.  It’s better to plan for the worse before it happens because when you plan your safety net ahead of time you are already giving yourself a fighting chance in your corner.

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