The Seeds of a Dream


So I have been comtemplating the idea of writing a book and getting it published.  I mean, really, truly focusing on getting it done.  For years I have wished and dreamed of becoming a published writer.  I always put it off because life got in the way (ie, job, school, family needs, time, household chores, etc).  This time I’m telling myself, “No more excuses!”

I just need to decide what I want to publish.  I’ve been thinking about focusing on a fictional story I’ve been creating for over 15 years.  I got the characters, the plot, several rough drafts but nothing really solid (ie, a submittable manuscript).  I’ve also been thinking about writing a book of poetry.  I’ve got atleast two dozen or so of poems laying around that I’ve written over the years.  Then I was comtemplating on writing about change, which is the very premise of this blog so it makes sense.  That led me to think what about change can I write about?  I can make it personal because there are lots of changes going on in my life.  I can make it educational and discuss the pros and cons of change.  I can also write anectdotes of others’ experience with change.  There’s really alot of choices I can write about but I just need to focus on one right now.

I guess, like everything else we do when we are at a cross roads, the best thing is to write down a pros and cons of each, dig deep and explore why I want to publish my words  for all to buy and keep.

Starting with the pros list on fictional writing:

1. I can create a world and control whatever happens in it (the control freak in me loves this idea).

2.  The world needs more stories so I would be supplying what the world needs more of. Taking a break from reality does a body good, so I’ve heard.

3. I love writing fiction and making things up as I go along. The act of creation is man’s recipe for a well fed soul.

I guess my reason to write a fictional story is to create something and call it mine, such as an artist does for her paintings she creates.  I enjoy doing it and if other’s like what I create then that makes me happy too.

The pros on poetry:

1. I have a lot of poetry in my arsenal so getting a manuscript together on poems would be easy (minus editing).

2. I enjoy stringing words together in rhythms that create pictures in one’s mind.

3. I wouldn’t expect to be put in the ranks with Angelou or Frost but it would be nice knowing I have a book of poems out there.

For me, poetry is the soul speaking and when I write poetry I believe I am sharing a part of my soul.

The pros on writing about Change:

1. Change occurs everyday so why not write about it.

2. Change is the premise of this blog so it just makes sense.

3. We all need to change something, so writing a book on it may be helpful.

In summary, I like writing about change because it helps me deal with the changes in my life and if it helps someone else than that’s even better.

Continuing my pondering here; the list of cons for fiction:

1. It’s going to take some time to get an organized manuscript together for submission on my story.

2. There’s so many stories out there on the shelves, how will I stand out from the rest?  I will have to make my story very unique and inviting (every author’s problem).

3. Fear of others not liking it.  I know, I know, criticism happens (sometimes helpful, sometimes not) but this story has been under my butt for 15 plus years.  I’d have a hard time if someone ripped it apart.

Are these cons or just excuses?  Hmmmmm….

The cons of poetry:

1. Not everyone reads poetry.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t see anyone lining up in the poetry corner at B & N’s diving for the latest prose and rhymes.

2. I will have to edit some of my older stuff (teen poetry), although looking at my writing from back then to now allows me to see how my writing has changed and progressed.

3. My poetry is not set in any particular format (ie, iambic pentameter, haiku, etc) so an editor would have a field day with my writing style.

Poetry is not a popular read but I do like to write it.

Cons for writing about Change:

1. I am not and I don’t claim to be an expert on Change.  I don’t want to be known as the guru of Change but I do like writing about it.

2. Pin pointing what particular aspect of Change I’d focus on would be a challenge.

3. Research would definately be needed if I went this route.

Writing about Change would be a challenge and it would take time to research the topic thoroughly enough to make it a worthwhile read.

So there’s my crossroad list of pros and cons on what to write about.  I’m still contemplating what I’d like to focus my writing energy on.  I created a poll here so maybe all of you can help me decide.  In the end, I know whatever I decide it will come from the heart.  I love to write and it helps me express myself in a way that no other medium can.

Thanks for stopping by and please participate in my poll:

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4 thoughts on “The Seeds of a Dream

  1. Hello again, Rachanee. This is just Leon writing now. So nice getting to know you through your beautiful posts! I participated in your poll and wrote a few words under “Other”, but since I do not know if you can see them (not having experimented ourselves in our blog with any polls so far), here they are (in answer to your question “What should I focus my writing on for publication?”): “Fiction peppered with all the poetry your heart desires. We’ll love it”.

    As far as the third option on Change is concerned, your own pros and cons formulations reveal a significantly lower degree of enthusiasm about focusing that heavily on the concept of Change beyond your blog, which is understandable; you neither want this to burden you too much, nor to have to be leaving your readers with less and less blog content because you will be reserving it for your book. And even the scope of your blog can always be expanded beyond the concept of Change, if you ever find yourself feeling restricted by it, discovering that you have more to say. Do not ever think anyone will accuse you of inconsistency; the world cannot wait to see what you have to say.

    So I really believe you should combine fiction and poetry, since you have been investing in your fiction for so many years AND love poetry so much, perhaps even more; by all means use this arsenal of yours and expand on it. Maybe you can flesh out your story with one of your main characters being a poet so passionate about his art, that he cannot be wasting time worrying about the reception of his work. Just a thought; it doesn’t have to be that defiant, although you do need some polite defiance with the critics. It will not be easy, I have to tell you, but the important thing is that you stay in touch with your own unique creative genius. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

    1. Wow! Thank you for the feedback and encouragement. That’s what I want to hear. I will certainly take your kind words to heart. I really do appreciate you stopping by and exploring my page. I think you’re right about me publishing a book on Change. While I do love the idea of change and all of its entities, I don’t want to take away from the readers here. As far as the fictional prose combo goes, that’s interesting that you said that because I always had wanted to create something in that format. A bit like Chaucer or Homer. I will have to sort it out. Thanks again for stopping by and giving me your feedback. It’s so nice to find new friends, especially in the writing world.

      1. Your response is so touching, Rachanee, and just what I want to hear, too. Spilling out your soul can come across as so over the top for many people, locked up in our cages like we all are more or less, losing our empathy and our humanity in this far-from-ideal global state of affairs which we are being led to believe we have brought upon ourselves. Brothers and sisters across the world are certainly not the ones responsible for all this unbelievable manipulation of our collective life force, so you cannot blame people for thinking you’re a weirdo or for being scared off by a complete stranger (how can divine sparks ever be complete strangers?) from the other side of the globe, or from around the block, for that matter; you can never know in advance if someone whose writing and soul behind it has touched you, will be embarrassed or even offended by your words. You can only be grateful, and I really am, whenever someone’s shining little soul, like the ones on the custom-made background image of our SolitaryThinkers blog, rises a bit higher thanks to your small encouragement. “Alright, my Mediterranean honey”, said Plutonia yesterday after reading my encouragement to you, “Off it goes. Rachanee’s writing is beautiful indeed, but let’s hope she won’t think she’s found herself a new stalker or something”. A new friend, instead! “Bowing to the divinity in each other” (namaste), there is really nothing and no one else we should be bowing to; this is the original Hellenic spirit that won’t die off, there are some really powerful Ancient Greek sayings about this spirit, and this is why they are unleashing hell against us, succeeding in killing too many of us once again, only this time silently, breaking the rest apart, convincing much of the Western world that most Greeks are filthy crooks who are only getting what they deserve. Too much corruption has been bred here, yes, but these are never punished; the traitors of humanity are always rewarded if they remain faithful to their masters, the politicians and those above them, and continue their mission. Thank you for not buying into it, Rachanee, thank you for your interest in our country and for your wanting to visit, but your heart would break with what has been going on in our bigger cities for years now, after the illusion of prosperity was torn down. Love is the only prosperity; you don’t need to physically come here to help us, just pray for us please before or after your meditations, because we see the final solution coming and we are sitting ducks against yet another tsunami of unbelievably brutal taxes and confiscations.

        Thank you so much for reading this and feeling for us. Your blog is a temple and you are a priestess who mediates to raise awareness on so much more than you know, only most people can never step out of this delusional rat race to properly show you their appreciation. But your traffic will increase; your writing seeds will sprout and thrive. Give a big hug from me to Mr. Gregory there, and a cuddle to Smokey, Bandit, and Marmalade; Plutonia and myself absolutely love cats and wish we had one such precious co-writer. Thank you for dropping by and commenting in our blog, too, and you are always welcome! We will be doing our best to be posting beautiful and meaningful content to combat the illusion of chaos. Whatever may happen during these incarnations of ours, keep the faith, pray for the best, spread the light.

      2. Thank you for the kind words Leon. You are a gentle and kind friend. Tell Platonia I know good energy when I see it and I see the kind light in you. Thanks again for stopping by and for the words of encouragement. Stay strong in Greece.

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