Keeping Up With Your Temple

Your Body Temple

Lately I’ve been doing research on Tiny Houses and Treehouses.  I’ve also been looking into ways to eating healthier while staying in my budget.  All this research on houses and health made me think about that old Yogi saying, “Your body is your temple” and how you treat your temple (body) is how well you will live.

Like any home, we need to keep our temple clean and organized.  Our temple can be cleaned out via healthy eating practices (ie, fruits, vegetables, whole foods) and organized on a regular basis (ie, physical exercise, mediation, self-reflection, positive attitude, adequate sleep).

Cleaning our temple through food is a good start for healthy maintenance.  There’s many food choices at our disposal these days and it’s up to us to decide on what we put into our body.  Afterall, we are what we eat.  We can’t expect to have a clean bill of health living off the dollar menu at the local fast food chain and snacking on processed crunchies at 10 o’clock at night.  There are many diets out there that boast a promise of a slimmer waistline, a decrease of bad cholesterol, and healthier insulin levels.  However, the bottom line is that the best diet is to not diet at all but to maintain a healthy way of eating, which includes a wide mix of fruits, vegetables, chemical free meats, and whole foods (unprocessed).

Our temple also needs regular oganization to maintain good energy flow.   Throughout our temple we can maintain that energy flow by meditating and self-reflecting.  Meditation is an ancient practice that dates as far back as 5 thousand years ago in the far east.  The basic beginner meditation practice involves focusing on the breath and being very aware of each inhalation and each exhalation.  There’s many meditation techniques that can be practiced to help calm the mind and bring that inner peace to the temple.  Such practices include the use of soothing music, repeating a mantra or a chant over and over, focusing on a lit candle or other visual aide, or using a singing bowl to mark the beginning of quiet time.  Whatever meditative practice is used it is a purely personal choice because everyone responds differently to each meditation method.

Keeping a diary or just pondering on one’s actions are part of a self-reflecting practice that also helps maintain the mental space of the temple.  Cluttering up the mind with negative chatter, worry, regrets, and things beyond one’s control can weigh a person down to the point of stagnation.  Humans by nature need to express their thoughts and feelings and sometimes those thoughts and feelings are private.  That’s why keeping a diary or just simply thinking and accepting our mental images as they pass can help clean out that mental gunk that halts our energy flow.  It’s okay to ponder on a bad choice but don’t get stuck on it like a broken record.  Instead, observe the thought, realize the lesson that needed to be learned, and move on.

Physical activity is another way to maintain the upkeep within the temple.  Studies show that physical acitivity keeps a person happy.  Regular exercise boosts those happy hormones called serontonin, increases the vitality of a being, and maintains good balance in the overall health system.  In addition, physical activity helps to maintain good sleeping patterns (hello insomniacs!).  Exercise doesn’t have to be this grueling boot camp style work out.  Exercise should be something fun while raising the heart beat a little and should be something to look forward to on a regular basis.  A walk in the park with a friend, a hike in the woods, playfully wresling with the kids, or cleaning the house (ie, vacuuming, rearranging furniture) can all be ways to stay active and maintain that energy flow within the temple.

Your body is your temple and how you treat it is how well you will live.  Eating right, maintaining clarity of the mind through meditation and self-reflection, exercising,  and sleeping on a regular schedule are all ways to maintain the up keep of your temple.  If you keep rotten supplies in your house your house will surely rot.  May you never rot.

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4 thoughts on “Keeping Up With Your Temple

  1. Thank you, Rachanee, for yet another beautiful post. It is so comforting to feel the energy of good and loving people like yourself. Both of us have always been deeply aware of the sacredness of our soul vehicles, and we never forget our divinity, which is what keeps us alive now that we find it harder and harder to cover our basic mortal needs. We are blogging from the ruins of Greece, suffering amidst a silent genocide the world knows very little about, and really having no idea how much time we have left in the heart of this carefully planned debt crisis. We are dedicated to raising awareness and spreading the light. Please send a prayer this way. We will be doing the same for you, and we have bookmarked your oasis of a blog. Thank you for honoring life, helping children and families, raising the vibrations of our world.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this lesson. The perfect time for me to read it as I, too, am trying to unclutter alot of the atuff crammed into my mind. Thank You for starting this blog…Thank You for writing these posts…

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