The ABCs of Change

abc letters

Here are the ABCs of Change to inspire you, move you, and shake you to embrace all the wonderful elements of Change:

A is for acceptance as in accept who you really are and accept all change (positive and negative) that comes your way.

B stands for bravery, which is that thing you need to face the changes as they occur.

C is for Change, of course!  It is also for chase as in chase those dreams and all those desires to make those positive changes in your life happen.

D designates determination and that is a necessity when enthralled in change.  Always be determined to work through change.

E equals everyone and everything because it all changes.  That is the beauty of life.

F is for freedom and we all have the freedom to change our life for the better no mater what.

G stands for gift because that is what change is.  Even though sometimes it doesn’t seem like it at the moment; change really is a gift.

H is for happiness and at the end of the day the universe just wants to make you happy and that is why change happens.

I equals imagine what your life would be like if you changed the way you lived or looked at life differently.

J jumps for joy and that is what will happen when we embrace change.  J also stands for juggle since that is what we sometimes do when in the amidst of change.

K is for kindness and that will happen to us when we change the way we look at things and the way we react to things.

L lines up for laughter and sometimes that is all you could do when change happens suddenly.  Just laugh about it.  L is also for lessons and in every change is a lesson to be learned.

M makes memories.  Sometimes good and sometimes bad but they all involve change on some level.

N is for need as in what do you need to change in your life to make it exactly how you want to live?

O is for opportunity and that is what’s given to us every time things in our life changes.

P stands for passion, the very thing you need to change something in your life.  You need to be passionate about the changes you are making in your life in order for success to happen.

Q is for quest and that is what change is all about.  Your quest in life relies on change in order for you to fulfill your life’s quest.

R represents repair and sometimes when change happens we need to repair ourselves from that change.

S stands for stronger because change does make us stronger as we go through it.

T is for trials.  Throughout our life we will have various trials of change that occur.  T also stands for tenacity because that is what we need to endure the trials of change.

U is for understand as in sometimes the process of change does not rely on understanding until after all is said and done.

V equals valuable because sometimes our values in life changes and sometimes changes in our life changes our values.  Do you see how change is valuable?

W stands for will as in you must be willing to change how you see things and how you react in order for life to change for the better.

X is for xerox because life will continually xerox changes for us over and over again in order for us to progress through our journey called life.

Z gives us zen and in the silences of our mind are the answers we may find on how to embrace all that change has to offer.

That is the ABCs of Change and when life gets rearranged and you feel all is strange I hope you will see that dealing with change is easy as A-B-C.

Published by bethechangebutterfly

Mahatma Ghandi once said, “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do.” This statement spurred the popular saying, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” was created to help instill that change within you. Stop by for a visit to Be a part of the Change.

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