Have You Grounded Today?


All things are energy and we humans are no exception.  It is well known that the human body is a conduit of energy, which means our body can absorb energy and transfer energy. Think of that time when you rub your feet across a carpeted floor and you touch someone and both of you get that static electric shock.  That is your body being a conduit of energy for static electricity from the carpet and transferring it to your friend.

Aside from taking in energy from the static electrons that exist in the carpet we can also get energy from the earth in the form of negative charged free electrons.  The process in which we acquire earth’s energy is called grounding or earthing.

The act of grounding simply involves walking barefoot on the earth for atleast 15 minutes or more to achieve full benefits.  Our ancient ancestors embraced the medicine of mud by digging in the dirt and being one with the earth all the time.  However, modern man has lost his way to connecting with Mother Earth by staying indoors more often and continually exposing himself to harmful positively charged electromagnetic frequencies (ie, computers, televisions, radios, cell phones, microwaves, etc).  Overtime, these electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) can cause imbalances in the body which lead to diseases, chronic illnesses, and all sorts of ailments. Fortunately, an inexpensive way exists to help reset the body’s imbalances by grounding the body to the earth.

Clint Ober was one of the pioneers who discovered the phenomena of grounding and backed it up with scientific proof that it works.  Clint’s discovery on grounding and its many benefits to the human body can be read in full detail in his book, Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? Clint co-authored this Earthing book with Dr. Stephen Sinatra and health and wellness writer Martin Zucker.  There is also a full documentary on grounding that demonstrates the benefits of this health phenomena first hand.

The research on grounding is growing and it has proven that grounding reduces inflammation throughout the body, lowers blood pressure, resets the biological circadian rhythm to reduce insomnia, balances out the cortisol levels (aka stress hormones) in the body, helps regulate blood sugar levels, reduces muscle fatigue for overworked muscles, reduces pain, and generally has an overall positive effect on the physiological processes of the human body.

How can something so simple and cheap fix so many ailments?  According to Clint and his gang, the earth has a natural energy field comprising of negatively charged free electrons and when an overexposed positively charged body makes contact with the earth the negatively charged free electrons from the earth cancels out the positive charged effects (EMFs) and helps the body restore its natural balanced rhythms.

The skeptics may question this logic and that is their right.  But grounding is cheap and easy to do.  Just step outside barefoot and embrace your inner caveman.  If you don’t feel any benefits after a week or so then maybe grounding is not for you.

If walking barefoot on the ground doesn’t appeal to you but you still want to try the practice of grounding then you can look into products made for modern man to get grounded.

I personally only tried grounding once when I was sick with a cold recently.  I had head congestion, post nasal drip, and a chronic cough at the time of my 45 minute ground session which involved me laying on the ground with my hands and feet face down on earth.  I will say that after 45  minutes my head was no longer congested and my cough seemed to subside for a few hours.  I’m not entirely sure if the grounding worked for me or if it was an optimistic placebo effect.  The day I grounded it was an unusually warm day in my local area.  I am now waiting for the warmer days to come so I can walk barefoot outside on a regular basis.  I’m hoping grounding helps with my insomnia.  I’ll keep you posted if grounding works for me.  If anyone reading this has any experience with grounding please share what you have learned.

Of course, anything involving your health should be done with consultation from your doctor before exercising any alternative means to get healthy.  This article on grounding is only meant to educate on the practice of grounding.

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3 thoughts on “Have You Grounded Today?

  1. Thank you, Rachanee, for another so informative and caring article. I was a long-distance runner for a few years when about half my age, exercising in a polluted city with only cement, but I did have the chance to be running barefoot on a clean beach for a couple of weeks during two summers. I still remember this glorious connection with the Earth and the exhilarating feeling of a huge aura!
    Having been living in apartments high above the ground all our lives here with Plutonia, we sadly know how it feels to be cut off from the Earth (especially with this mortal threat of the economic/political situation against us), but we do try to keep a regime of short walks; it’s better than nothing. And the love in our hearts is always enough to keep us connected with the all-encompassing field of divine energy.
    Thank you for our connection, Rachanee, and for everything you do for our fellow humans. I appreciate you immensely.

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