Sailing a Dream on Determination

When a dream festers inside you to the point that you can’t be stopped until you reach that dream that is determination at its best. Along the journey you may face winds of criticism and roadblocks along the way. But if you are persistent enough you will not be stopped because the dream lives inside you and it strives to be free. You know that this dream must become a reality for you at all costs. ‘It must be done’, is what you believe. You eat, drink, and breathe this dream everyday of your life until you reach your dream. That is what Laura Dekker believed and her dream eventually became a reality.

Laura Dekker became the youngest girl to set sail around the world in 2010 when she was at the tender age of 14. The movie, Maiden Trip, found on Netflix, documents her solo journey around the world and demonstrates her perseverance to see her dream into reality. This brave girl weathered ridicule and even a legal blockade to prevent her from bringing her dream into fruition. But with the pursuit of unfeathering determination, this teenager accomplished what most thought impossible for a young teen girl. She proved them wrong!

While most typical teenage girls are strolling the mall looking for the lastest fashion, painting their fingernails, and what not, Laura Dekker was saving her seashells for her maiden vessel to ride the wild blue yonder. She worked odd jobs, studied her sea routes, and re-built her own sailboat all to set her dream into full sail.

The bravery and tenacity of this young girl should inspire even the most disheartened. Not only did she brave the storms of the critics who wanted to stop her but she also braved the storms of the great, wild sea around the world, and lived to tell about it. This proves that determination can get you far and for Laura Dekker it took her around the world.

Check out the trailer for Laura Dekker’s documentray of her solo sea journey below:

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