The Power of Kindness

I stumbled upon this engaging video on YouTube a few years ago and like Lennon, I imagine a world just like the one in this video where kindness matters and becomes a powerful fuel for all of us.   The video is titled, “Boomerang of Kindness” and it showcases a mix of people being kind to each other with a ‘pay it forward’ theme.  “Boomerang of Kindness” was directed by Orly Wahba who is also the founder and CEO of Lifevest, a nonprofit organization that promotes kindess throughout the world.

Lifevest  was created in 2011 and since then has amassed a following of millions of like-minded individuals who want to become part of the change towards kindness in this world. Lifevest has partnered with organizations such as Advance Humantiy, The Be Kind People Project, Kids Kicking Cancer, and The World Kindness Movement, among many other similiar organizations.  Lifevest’s main mission is to empower and unite the world with kindness by inspiring people to recognize their own potential to spread kindness.  If you want to learn how to become part of this kindness movement through volunteerism or donation to Lifevest’s mission you can find out more on Lifevest’s website.

Remember the wave of kindness starts where you are.  How can you be a part of the change and ignite the fires of kindness where you are right now?  It could be helping your elderly neighbor, calling a sick friend, visiting a relative, or simply offering a hand to a stranger in any small way.  It doesns’t really matter how you perform your act of kindness because every small act of kindness becomes a big step towards a better world.

I hope by watching the video below inspires you to be a part of the power of kindness:

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Mahatma Ghandi once said, “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do.” This statement spurred the popular saying, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” was created to help instill that change within you. Stop by for a visit to Be a part of the Change.

7 thoughts on “The Power of Kindness

  1. As I watched, spell-bound by the music and video, tears started streaming down my face and they haven’t stopped. I once, in my “previous life” before my psychosis, had a picture of John Lennon in my home. I do believe in the power of paying it forward without giving it a second thought or saying well, I’ve spread my good karma deed for the day…like a Ferris Wheel of Kindness, it never hurts to turn your cheek and spread the love. Thanks so much for posting this. I intend to visit the website and will be following the butterflies…my son use to love butterflies…I have several in my apartment, including one I made from wood and painted in my son’s favorite color -red…thanks again.

    1. Hi LaVancia,
      I’m glad you stopped by here and I’m glad you felt inspired by this post. It feels great to meet like-minded souls. My buttterfly is a bit of homage to my grandmother who crossed over several years ago. She loved butterflies and adorned her refrigerator with them. I think the butterfly is a symbol of change in which we are all capable of at any given time. Thanks again for stopping by and I hope kindness spreads to you where ever you are.

      1. So now I understand why your beautiful logo has always given me such a soothingly comforting impression… I am sending gratitude to this sweet soul who honored you as your grandmother, dearest Rachanee; who helped you become this valuable person that you are.

        This is an incredibly heart-warming video, and I thank you for the links as well; so good to know there are such organizations in our world.

        Here is a music video with a similar “you get what you give” message I believe you will enjoy. I first came across it a few weeks ago. Well look at this, it made me instantly think, this is just what my uplifting sister Rachanee would recommend to me.

        The kindness of your heart gives me courage to withstand unbelievable pressures here, dear sister.
        My love and prayers are always with you.

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