Got Water? It Does the Body Good.


Many health experts will tell you that a healthy eating plan should include drinking an adequate amount of water and for good reason.  Water helps satiate the appetite to curb you from eating too much.  It also helps carry beneficial nutrients from the food you eat to all organs in your body.  Staying hydrated helps lubricate your joints, aids in proper digestion, and energizes you throughout the day.  Water also helps to detox your body through urine and perspiration and helps in balancing out hormone levels.  With all these benefits of water how can you not drink water?

According to Dr. Jeffrey Utz, a pediatric neuroscientist of Allegheny University, the body of an average male adult consists of 60% water and this water content changes with age, gender, and body type.  Dr. Utz tells us that babies are born with a water composition of 78% while adult female bodies have about 55% of water and people with more body fat have a less percentage of water in their bodies than their leaner peers.

Water is part of the key to staying energized all day.  Based on information found at the US Geological Survey’s Water Science School  water has a “stickyness” that helps move important nutrients throughout our body and helps move wastes out of our body. WebMD also states that water helps energize our muscles to pump in essential electrolytes (our sources of energy) and prevents muscle fatigue, especially during high endurance activities.

Water also helps with digestion by keeping things moving down there so we can have normal, regular bowel movements.  If you don’t have enough water in your system when you eat then the water in the food you consume will be quickly absorbed causing the food to harden and get stuck down there.

If you want to lose weight the best start is to water up.  According to the European Food Information Council the best way to satiate the appetite is to eat foods high in protein, fiber, and you guessed it, water!  Foods like oranges, apples, and cucumbers are great hydrators for the body.  So if you’re not into tipping H20 filled glasses you can water up with naturally water filled foods.

‘Water tastes plain’, you say.  Adding in fruits, veggies, and herbs can help satisfy the diversity of your taste buds.  Lemons, limes, and cucumbers are great natural detoxifiers. Using some mint, rosemary, or lavendar can spice up your water.  A few pieces of pineapple, blueberries, or cherries in your water may quench your thirst.  The sky is the limit on how you flavor your water.

No matter how you get your water intake be sure to get into the habit of doing it often. The Institute of Medicine recommends that a healthy male living in a moderate temperature climate should take in 3 liters a day while a  healthy female should consume 2.2 liters a day.  However, according to the Mayo Clinic experts water consumption depends on several factors, such as how much a person exercises, the climate they live in, and their health status, which includes pregnancy.

Staying hydrated is your body’s mission and if you become mindful of how well you stay hydrated you will be giving yourself a grand gesture towards your health.  Water is one the most essential elements in life in order for us to thrive at our best.  So hold your glasses high and say cheers to your health as you tip your glass of H2O.  It does the body good.

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