Feeding Your Inner Soul to Find Your Higher Self

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Your appetite to feed your soul is just as important as your appetite to feed your body. Like the physical body, your soul needs constant sustenance to thrive, flourish, and grow. Without the needed nourishment, your soul will wither and you will feel a lacking in your life that will stop you from being the person you are meant to be.  A starving soul can not find it’s higher self unless it’s completely satiated.

There are many positive ways to feed the soul but first let’s understand the four signs of a starving soul:

1. Loneliness – The feeling of loneliness and disconnect from everything around you is usually a big sign that the soul is starving.  You can be in a crowded room filled with family and friends and yet you can still feel very much by yourself.  Loneliness and the fear of being alone singles you out and forces you to stand on your own.   This feeling of singularity can place you at risk of losing yourself entirely and can make you do unspeakable things. The feeling of loneliness is often associated with depression and anxiety.  When you feel like no one understands you this creates a canvas for depression to set in, which makes you withdraw even more.   Anxiety can also pile up if you feel that all the world’s problems rely on you solving them and no one is around to help you.   The one thing to be aware of is that loneliness thrives on fear.  Once fear creates a home in your heart (and your mind) the path of loneliness becomes inevitably so.

2. Depreciation –  A starving soul sees no value in anything and depreciation is a feeling that you are not worthy and you don’t deserve love or respect from others.  You may feel like you are not good enough for any one or you can never achieve the goals you set out for yourself.  When you devalue yourself in such a way that you are not worth anything you will most likely allow some form of abuse to occur. This abuse can be in the form of self-abuse or an abuse to others. Abuse comes in many forms, such as emotional abuse, mental abuse, and the obvious physical abuse.  Oftentimes, when you devalue yourself (you may not realize that you do it) you devalue others (again, not realizing that you do it).  This cycle of depreciation can go on for generations in families.

3. Avoidance – A soul craving for sustenance will seek out means to feed itself in whatever way possible.  You want to avoid the pain of soul starvation (the previously mentioned feelings of loneliness and depreciation) so you cover that pain up with drugs, food, excessive sex, and material items.  But these ‘cover-ups’ don’t really tap into your inner soul.  They may feel like they do at the time but the feeling eventually wears off and you are faced with the pain once again.  Sometimes we want to avoid facing the problems at hand so we attach ourselves to others so they can deal with it for us.  This state of co-dependence only allows you to escape that necessity of feeding the soul while creating a tension between you and the person you depend on (even if they are enabling you to be dependent on them).  You may lie to yourself and tell yourself that the drugs, food, sexual activity, or material items you are using are okay and you can stop whenever you want to. You may lie to others and tell them you only did it one time.  In whatever ways you avoid feeding the soul it’s hunger will always manifest.

4. Ignoring your Intuition – You have the wisdom within you to know what is right for you.  But when loneliness, anxiety, depression, and avoidance are piling up in a starving soul you may ignore the obvious.  You will most likely follow the wisdom of others in spite of your inner gut telling you something different.  You may be searching for someone to ‘save’ you because you feel you can’t rely on yourself.  You may go along with the crowd to fit in, even if fitting in means losing yourself and going against your better judgment.  You may continue to practice a belief system even though you do not feel connected to that belief system.  All the previously mentioned are the result of ignoring your intuition and when you ignore yourself you are causing your soul to be malnourished.

The four previously mentioned signs of a starving soul can occur individually or simultaneously with each other.  One often overlaps the other and the most important thing is to recognize them.  Once you realize these symptoms for what they are you can begin to find ways to feed your soul so these symptoms can be diminished.


One of the ways to feed the soul is to find that connection around you.  Go for a walk outside by yourself.  If you can, do this barefoot (See Grounding).  Recognize the birds chirping, the leaves on the trees, the wind in the air.  Look up at the sky and realize that however vast the sky is so is your connection to it.  You rise and rest with the sun and the moon.  As the seasons change, so do you and so does everyone around you.   Nothing is complete and you are part of that everchanging connection.

Find yourself in your childhood to nourish your soul. Remember when you were younger, what did you enjoy? What did you do for fun in your younger days?  Was it dancing, singing, or simply coloring a page as the sun beat down on you?  Sometimes finding your inner child helps you to connect back to who you are and will help you re-discover what makes you come alive.

Making lists can help you feed your soul.  Make a list of those that you can count on for advice, support, and a helping hand.  Some people may be good listerners while others may be good to tell you like it is.  Each of these people are in your life for a reason.  Recognizing their importance in your life will help nourish your soul towards growth and understanding. While you are at it, make a list of all those qualities that make you important.  What talents and strengths do you have?  What important role do you play in  someone else’s life? You are valuable in this world and acknowledging your power will help your soul thrive in whatever challenge you encounter.

Tapping into your higher self means getting comfortable with being with yourself to know yourself.   The conversations you have with yourself about yourself, your life, and what you can do to make it better will be the most important conversations you will have. The more you get used to being by yourself the less likely you will be distracted from what your soul needs.

Listen to your inner voice because it knows what to do for nourishment.  This is also known as following your instincts or listening to your own intuition.  Sometimes standing by yourself among a crowd means realizing that your voice matters, you can make a difference, and you know what is best for you.

Listening to great, soothing music, reading a fictional story, or getting lost in day dream are all ways you can nurture your soul.  Music vibrates your inner self to levels of peace, light, and love; all that the soul hungers for.  A good fictional story allows your mind to take a vacation from the challenging present.  When you get lost in a day dream you allow yourself to explore new thougths and ideas, which can lead to your own wonderful creativity.

Laugh and laugh often, especially with others.  Laugh at yourself, laugh at the situation. Watch a comedy, share jokes, get silly.  The soul loves to feel light hearted and gitty.  It’s the laughter that keeps you going to the next thing.  Laughter can lift your spirit and reminds you that life doesn’t have to be serious all the time.


Feeding your soul means to take care of yourself with rest, relaxation, rejuvenation, and exercise. Get some sleep to sustain your soulful energy.  Embrace the ways of the spa, which is to get a massage, a facial, a pedicure, or a manicure.  Get pampered to keep your soul alive.  If you don’t take care of yourself, who will? To those parents or caregivers out there, remember the best caregiver is the one who takes care of the caregiver first so they can give the best care to others. Don’t forget to exercise to tend to your soulful needs. Deep breathing and stretching activities are good ways to sustain the soul’s appetite.

Learn, research, and explore your world to enrich your soul.  Just as you will never stop growing spiritually, you should never stop learning.  There will always be new ways to do things.  Just the same there are many things you can never know enough of.  Learn a new language, delve into a different culture, investigate into human history.  Become studious to be a steward for your soul.

Pray, meditate, and get connected to the divine source.  Whoever you pray to; be it God, Allah, a Hindu Goddess, an animal spirit, or what ever you may call it; giving some thought to the divine essence you believe in will help you tap into your own higher self.  You don’t have to read scripture or go to church every Sunday. However, if that is what helps your soul come alive, by all means do it!  The thing that matters most is that you believe in something bigger than you and realize that this guiding light can lead you to your highest self.

To feed your inner soul you must first recognize the signs of a starving soul.  Once you realize that you are starving your soul in some way you must find positive ways to wake up your soul and keep it thriving.  When your soul begins to thrive you will then be able to tap into your higher self and realize the wisdom that has been within you all along.

Feed your soul and enjoy this video below:

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3 thoughts on “Feeding Your Inner Soul to Find Your Higher Self

  1. I see those post has been here for a few years but I just saw it today and it has touched me like nothing else has in a very long time. I didn’t realize what I was feeling but now I know that my soul has been starving for a long time. I want to get back to thriving again and I am going to try some of the advice in the blog.

  2. I love the way this is presented…recognition is always the first step…next comes finding a solution. I miss going out to the Wildlife refuge and walking and climbing rocks barefoot…So today, I learn to find that peace by surfing the internet to sites like yours. Keep up the good work. – LaVancia

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