Riding the Waves in Style

When life throws you big waves make sure you surf to the top in style.  We all are challenged by the pressures in life and getting through those hard times can be more than we could think we could handle.  If we steady ourselves and think of how we could manage every dip, turn, and surpriseContinue reading “Riding the Waves in Style”

Say Goodbye to Guilt

At times we feel guilty for asking someone to help us out because we don’t want to put anyone out or we don’t want to be asking too much from someone.  Other times we feel guilty for taking a break from something that seems too overwhelming for us.  Sometimes we tell ourselves that we shouldn’t have asked forContinue reading “Say Goodbye to Guilt”

Tiny Steps towards Big Achievements

Every step counts! We want to lose those extra pounds.  We want a better job.  We want to have better relationships.  We want to learn a foreign language.  All of those are achievable if the steps we take to get there are tiny and realistic.  We can’t place the giant pressure on ourselves to loseContinue reading “Tiny Steps towards Big Achievements”

The World is Not Enough

Oftentimes, we focus on what isn’t working for us.  We hone in on all the situations that went bad and all the elements of those situations that were supposed to go right, but didn’t for some reason or another.  When things start going bad, sometimes it feels like life is purposely picking on us.  WeContinue reading “The World is Not Enough”

The Great Expectation of No Expectations

We often set expectations on others and ourselves.  Most expectations are set high and when they are not met we get disappointed.  What if we decide to have no expectations?  What would happen if you didn’t expect anything at all?  Imagine going on a trip to some far off land you have never been toContinue reading “The Great Expectation of No Expectations”

What to change first

Once you have identified things you would like to change, which are most likely things that bring you discomfort you will need to determine what is the the first thing you would like to change.  The best way to start is to create a list and out of that list identify what is the mostContinue reading “What to change first”

It’s all about the attitude

When things aren’t going your way think of your attitude before you react.  Our attitude, positive or negative, determines how the situation plays out.  Oftentimes we act on impulse and afterwards we wonder why or how things got worse.  It’s all about the attitude. When things are getting heated they seem to get even hotterContinue reading “It’s all about the attitude”