Be You

This post is about being you. Embrace all the uniqueness and quirkiness that is you because that is who you are meant to be. In my childhood, I wanted to fit in. I longed to be accepted and part of the “cool” crowd. Fast forward twenty-some plus years later and I’ve learned to embrace whoContinue reading “Be You”

How To Say, “No” To Others In Order To Say, “Yes” To Yourself

This post is for the givers out there who have so much to give to others that they forget to give to themselves. It’s great to always be the dependable one, the loyal one, the one who will always be there at a moments notice no matter what. However, it’s not so great to beContinue reading “How To Say, “No” To Others In Order To Say, “Yes” To Yourself”

Are You Minding Your Own Business Now?

Oftentimes, we are busily planning the next great thing in our lives before appreciating what we have just done.  Anticipating the future can cause undue anxiety and worry on things that may never happen.  We may also perseverate on the past to the point that it cripples us.  Rewinding past events, especially negative ones, can buildContinue reading “Are You Minding Your Own Business Now?”

Professor Pausch’s Words of Wisdom

You may have heard of or even read Professor Randy Pausch’s book, The Last Lecture. It is a long standing routine at Carnegie Mellon University that the professors there are asked to give a lecture with a hypothetical stance that this will be your last chance to impart words of wisdom and what would you say.Continue reading “Professor Pausch’s Words of Wisdom”

The Power of Kindness

I stumbled upon this engaging video on YouTube a few years ago and like Lennon, I imagine a world just like the one in this video where kindness matters and becomes a powerful fuel for all of us.   The video is titled, “Boomerang of Kindness” and it showcases a mix of people being kindContinue reading “The Power of Kindness”

Sailing a Dream on Determination

When a dream festers inside you to the point that you can’t be stopped until you reach that dream that is determination at its best. Along the journey you may face winds of criticism and roadblocks along the way. But if you are persistent enough you will not be stopped because the dream lives insideContinue reading “Sailing a Dream on Determination”

Less is More

There seems to be a growing trend in lifestyles for people that live on the mantra that ‘less is more’ or as one might call a minimalist lifestyle.  I’ve been reading up on Tiny Houses and learning how these people got out of living the “Big American Dream” of owning everything and downsizing to justContinue reading “Less is More”

Sailing the Sea of Change

The sailboat clips the waters at an even pace in spite of the choppiness of the rocking waves. The sailor adjusts his sails accordingly to give way for the winds that clamor against the boat. The sailor then brims a smile in the salty air knowing that it is the man who adjusts to life’sContinue reading “Sailing the Sea of Change”

Getting Warmed Up

Hello Butterflies! It’s been a long and cold week for most of Northern America.  This past week was frought with squalls of snow drifts, freezing winds, and ice breaking temperatures cold enough to keep you hibernated until the defrost of Spring shows it’s flowery petals.  All this chilly weather makes me want to warm upContinue reading “Getting Warmed Up”

Making a Home

I went to a house warming party the other night where the new homeowner updated the house with fresh paint and new floors.  The hostess was blessed with guests bringing her food and gifts for her new house.  This made me think that a house is made of floor boards, painted walls, light fixtures, andContinue reading “Making a Home”

Cleaning out the Closet

A cluttered mind is a cluttered life.  That’s what I discovered while cleaning out my closets (including my mental closet).  You know it’s time to unload the baggage when the To-Do list is long and the worry list is even longer.  As I sifted through the unnecessary wares of my life collection I began toContinue reading “Cleaning out the Closet”


Today marks a new year, which for many that usually means out with the old and in with the new.  For others it means doing things differently to get better results (ie., dieting, exercising).  While others, like me, venture out for new experiences (ie., hang gliding, rock climbing). Okay I don’t plan on riding theContinue reading “Unplugged”

Know your Safety Net

When things get tough and all the cards are stacked against you it’s important for you to know who is part of your safety net.  You need people to lean on and have them listen to you from time to time, especially when you feel like you’re up against a corner with the lights outContinue reading “Know your Safety Net”

Celebrate Each Little Step of Success

Trying to achieve that monumental goal seems difficult at times, especially when you are faced with  many challenges along the way.  Sure you are going to commemorate that big achievement when you finally meet it but while you endure the journey towards that pinnacle moment you need to celebrate each little step of succes alongContinue reading “Celebrate Each Little Step of Success”

Be Selfish

Be Selfish.  That’s right, make yourself happy first.  If you are not happy then you will not be able to go anywhere or do anything to improve your situation.  You need to make your happiness a number one priority in your life before you attempt to reach your goals. A demanding job,  a needy spouse, whiningContinue reading “Be Selfish”

Take a Chance

Take a chance this week.  Life is fleeting by every time you resist the chance to do something about it to change the way you want it to be.  Stand up to your fears and get risky.  Your life begins when you take a chance. Life waits for no one and neither should you.  CastContinue reading “Take a Chance”

It all Begins with You

Waiting for your boat of dreams to sail in?  Hoping your train of opportunity arrives?  Wishing for someone to give you a break?  Sorry to bust your bubble but it all won’t happen unless you make it happen.  What you want in your life can only happen if you make it happen. Think of someoneContinue reading “It all Begins with You”

The 7 Sides of Happiness

Happiness can be achieved in many ways and like other things in life it is up to you to get yourself there.  It’s no one’s job to make you happy so here are 7 ways to help you get there: 1. Exercise – Participating in a regular exercise routine,  such as simply going for a 20 minute walk isContinue reading “The 7 Sides of Happiness”

Sometimes Bad Things Happen to Good People Because Good People Need to Change

The need to change isn’t always apparent.  We get stuck in the routine of our lives so much that we don’t realize  that we need to change.  At times, we do realize we need to change but don’t know how to do it.  That’s when we are hit with something big; a huge negative thatContinue reading “Sometimes Bad Things Happen to Good People Because Good People Need to Change”

Stay focused!

This week’s challenge is all about staying focused.  Let your energies hone in on one idea all week.  That cluttered closet, the craft project you started months ago, or those broken things you tossed aside with some far off intention to fix.  Maybe it’s something you’ve been thinking about for sometime but haven’t found theContinue reading “Stay focused!”