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Be You

This post is about being you. Embrace all the uniqueness and quirkiness that is you because that is who you are meant to be. In my childhood, I wanted to fit in. I longed to be accepted and part of … Continue reading

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How To Say, “No” To Others In Order To Say, “Yes” To Yourself

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This post is for the givers out there who have so much to give to others that they forget to give to themselves. It’s great to always be the dependable one, the loyal one, the one who will always be … Continue reading

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Are You Minding Your Own Business Now?

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Oftentimes, we are busily planning the next great thing in our lives before appreciating what we have just done.  Anticipating the future can cause undue anxiety and worry on things that may never happen.  We may also perseverate on the past … Continue reading

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Professor Pausch’s Words of Wisdom

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You may have heard of or even read Professor Randy Pausch’s book, The Last Lecture. It is a long standing routine at Carnegie Mellon University that the professors there are asked to give a lecture with a hypothetical stance that this … Continue reading

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The Power of Kindness

I stumbled upon this engaging video on YouTube a few years ago and like Lennon, I imagine a world just like the one in this video where kindness matters and becomes a powerful fuel for all of us.   The … Continue reading

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Sailing a Dream on Determination

When a dream festers inside you to the point that you can’t be stopped until you reach that dream that is determination at its best. Along the journey you may face winds of criticism and roadblocks along the way. But … Continue reading

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Less is More

There seems to be a growing trend in lifestyles for people that live on the mantra that ‘less is more’ or as one might call a minimalist lifestyle.  I’ve been reading up on Tiny Houses and learning how these people … Continue reading

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