The Power of Kindness

I stumbled upon this engaging video on YouTube a few years ago and like Lennon, I imagine a world just like the one in this video where kindness matters and becomes a powerful fuel for all of us.   The video is titled, “Boomerang of Kindness” and it showcases a mix of people being kind to each other with a ‘pay it forward’ theme.  “Boomerang of Kindness” was directed by Orly Wahba who is also the founder and CEO of Lifevest, a nonprofit organization that promotes kindess throughout the world.

Lifevest  was created in 2011 and since then has amassed a following of millions of like-minded individuals who want to become part of the change towards kindness in this world. Lifevest has partnered with organizations such as Advance Humantiy, The Be Kind People Project, Kids Kicking Cancer, and The World Kindness Movement, among many other similiar organizations.  Lifevest’s main mission is to empower and unite the world with kindness by inspiring people to recognize their own potential to spread kindness.  If you want to learn how to become part of this kindness movement through volunteerism or donation to Lifevest’s mission you can find out more on Lifevest’s website.

Remember the wave of kindness starts where you are.  How can you be a part of the change and ignite the fires of kindness where you are right now?  It could be helping your elderly neighbor, calling a sick friend, visiting a relative, or simply offering a hand to a stranger in any small way.  It doesns’t really matter how you perform your act of kindness because every small act of kindness becomes a big step towards a better world.

I hope by watching the video below inspires you to be a part of the power of kindness:


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Have These Women Found the Fountain of Youth?

The statement, “You are what you eat” rings true for Annette Larkins, Mimi Kirk, and Linda Wood-Hoyte.  The eating habits of these women, who are all in their 70s, consisted of a raw vegan lifestyle with regular juicing, exercise, and adequate alkaline water intake.  If eating fruit and veggies doesn’t appeal to you then you may change your mind after watching this:


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Sailing a Dream on Determination

When a dream festers inside you to the point that you can’t be stopped until you reach that dream that is determination at its best. Along the journey you may face winds of criticism and roadblocks along the way. But if you are persistent enough you will not be stopped because the dream lives inside you and it strives to be free. You know that this dream must become a reality for you at all costs. ‘It must be done’, is what you believe. You eat, drink, and breathe this dream everyday of your life until you reach your dream. That is what Laura Dekker believed and her dream eventually became a reality.

Laura Dekker became the youngest girl to set sail around the world in 2010 when she was at the tender age of 14. The movie, Maiden Trip, found on Netflix, documents her solo journey around the world and demonstrates her perseverance to see her dream into reality. This brave girl weathered ridicule and even a legal blockade to prevent her from bringing her dream into fruition. But with the pursuit of unfeathering determination, this teenager accomplished what most thought impossible for a young teen girl. She proved them wrong!

While most typical teenage girls are strolling the mall looking for the lastest fashion, painting their fingernails, and what not, Laura Dekker was saving her seashells for her maiden vessel to ride the wild blue yonder. She worked odd jobs, studied her sea routes, and re-built her own sailboat all to set her dream into full sail.

The bravery and tenacity of this young girl should inspire even the most disheartened. Not only did she brave the storms of the critics who wanted to stop her but she also braved the storms of the great, wild sea around the world, and lived to tell about it. This proves that determination can get you far and for Laura Dekker it took her around the world.

Check out the trailer for Laura Dekker’s documentray of her solo sea journey below:

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Hello Butterflies! I’ve taken a long hiatus here for I have been busy living life rather than writing about it.  I am now back at the keyboard and have revised this site to better reflect its message.  I hope all … Continue reading

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It’s Your Choice

The choices we take
Create the voices we make
The paths we walk
Becomes our talk
We choose what we want to be
In spite of life’s adversity
We design our own demise
In spite of our hopeless cries
We are always given the freedom to choose
It’s just like trying on brand new shoes
Be brave, be strong
It may feel wrong
But in the end it’s all up to you
Life’s a choice for you to pursue
The freedom of your will
Pushes you still
Let go of the edge
And dare to pledge
Make a choice
To claim your voice
In life what remains
The survival of your pains
You matter, you have a right
Choose to stand, choose to fight
You can, you will
The choice is your thrill
It’s a chance you have to take
It’s your choice for you to make
Choose best in what you do
‘Cause in the end it’s all up to you

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Have You Grounded Today?

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All things are energy and we humans are no exception.  It is well known that the human body is a conduit of energy, which means our body can absorb energy and transfer energy. Think of that time when you rub … Continue reading

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Less is More

There seems to be a growing trend in lifestyles for people that live on the mantra that ‘less is more’ or as one might call a minimalist lifestyle.  I’ve been reading up on Tiny Houses and learning how these people … Continue reading

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